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Experienced In Turbine Flow Meter Components

Established in 1952, Mohr Manufacturing in San Diego, California, specializes in components for turbine flow meters, Housings, Rotors, Supports, and much more.

CNC Tool


We machine parts in short to medium production quantities. Difficult designs and materials are welcome. Our capacity includes 6" round and 18" flat with all materials, including:

• Hi-Temp • Exotics • Refractory • Composite

We build parts ahead of time and put them on the shelf so it will always be there when you need them. Feel free to attach a drawing or blueprint and send it directly through email to us.

Get the Most From Us

Knowledge is more powerful than action. It is in your best interest to make the most informed choices when choosing a machined parts supplier. Work pieces with design or material challenges demand more investment in tooling and development. While CNC has reduced cycle time, setup and other fixed costs have expanded. We emphasize the stage where quality is built into the methods of production. We collaborate with our vendors streamline the design and thus save you money.

Supplier Partnership

We started making overruns of parts for regular customers more than 20 years ago. The initial idea was to redo the nuisance of rush orders and re-quotes. When you order 100 pieces, then later reorder 50 pieces, we just deliver them from our stock. You get instant delivery and an improved price. We benefit from a smoother shop schedule, economies of sale, and expensed all on the first run.

Prices and Orders

All of our customers pay one stable price based on yearly volume. We do not require our customers to place blanket orders. Orders are shipped immediately and our machine utilization is optimized and quality issues are handled ahead of time.

New Projects

The best business is built on trust. Our side of the risk has been negligible and we are able to reduce inventory at optimal times. Plus, we absorb most of the development costs of new projects that show promise of becoming regular requirements.