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Our Approach

Mohr Manufacturing is a CNC machine shop in San Diego, California, that has developed numerous management practices to offer quick turnaround times and affordable prices. We've honed our skills over the years to develop tried-and-true methods to ensure you get what you need when you need it.

Large Shop vs. Small Shop

Most companies' concerns are who will be working on their jobs, and how accessible are they. With us, the technician who plans and supervises your job will also be the one answering your call to discuss design ideas.


CNC is a highly-productive and accurate tool, but it does not guarantee quality or efficiency. We believe in designing the best instruction to allow imagination, innovation, and process control. All of our workers are highly skilled and are able to solve any challenges of component design.

Quality and ISO 9000

Our way of thinking is "the better the process, the better the quality." Our approach yields better results with less effort. ISO 9000 has a large customer demand. It provides a competitive barrier against smaller, more efficient manufacturers who can't afford the initial cost.
Manufacturers capitalize on common misconception when they boast their certification as a marketing tool.

Six Sigma®

We adhere to Six Sigma approach of holding variation so tight that fewer than four parts out of a million fall outside tolerance. We hold production shop defects to zero with a simple, low-cost approach. By checking and adjusting throughout batches, all defects can be identified and segregated. We give our operators the assignment of quality not quantity.


With us, quality is built into the production process. Statistical Process Control is a powerful management tool to gauge process performance, to quantify normal variation, and catch any special variation. Our machines are adjusted to obtain the optimum balance of output and quality.